We are starting!

Hello everyone!

We have actively started the distribution and planning of our first series of 3333 NFTs. We have decided to follow a strategy where we will eliminate our Discord management and give you fully active roles, be an OG where you can follow your levels, or see whitelist/giveaways active as well.

Together with new partnerships and people included in our team, we have established a plan where we can enable you to be included in a wider network so that we can quickly expand as we have stated in our roadmap.

Our Discord will be reset CET +2 10:00 28.01.2022. You will now be in renewed counters, levels, and processes in our active campaigns. You need to fill out the form to get information about our renewed campaigns, whitelist processes, and our roadmap where you can partner with us and benefit your audience please feel to free contact us.

Stay tuned to ensure that you participate in our active games on Discord and get guaranteed access to the next levels in our community.

Join the community

Don’t forget to join the community to ask any questions, talk strategy, and get involved. Horsey Gang has a lively community on Discord.

To qualify for pre-sales, whitelists, airdrops in Horsey Gang NFTs, join our influencer area or have detailed information about the project, you should follow our Twitter. For the community and detailed talks and news, you will be able to talk with us on Discord.

What is Horsey Gang?

Horsey Gang is a project designed for you to express yourself in the digital world and to have a quality life experience, and the first phase consists of 3333 NFT. This collection is the first one of the three-phased Horsey Gang Family project. The next phases are Horseys Wives and 3D Baby Horseys as playable avatars featured in the metaverse.

Support the Horsey Gang family!
To get information about influencer marketing, volunteer work or the be an ambassador, you can contact us using the form.





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